Only the highest quality materials.

The core is comprised of a high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) construction locally produced and shaped in Melbourne, Australia. The EPS core blank is machine shaped with the latest APS3000 computer numerical cutting technology to ensure final design is exact, eliminating variation between boards.


The EPS core reduces board weight affording for additional volume without altering the overall weight distribution of a standard short board. The lightweight core is strnegthened with our DuraFlex technology which has been researched, developed and patented by Elemental. The DuraFlex technology provides durability for long lasting boards and a varying flex pattern to give the board drive, liveliness and a solid feel under foot.

DuraFlex incorporated with the epoxy construction provides all the strength, durability and flex benefits of a classic polyurethane core and wooden stringer with all the benefits of the dynamic performance benefits of the modern epoxy construction.

DuraFlex    Technology

DuraFlex technology is an embedded composite stringer that is installed post-machine shaping and provides the critical characteristics to our epoxy board construction: durability, strength and a unique flex pattern that delivers both drive and liveliness.

Researched, developed and patented by Elemental, DuraFlex is the performance and durability backbone of all the Elemental boards.

Watch this space as we release more technical information on the benefits provided by the DuraFlex technology system unique to Elemental boards.

Cloth Composites
sx cloth.jpg

Researched, developed and produced by Shapers Australia, Shapers Superior SX-Glass is the worlds first in next generation S-Glass for the surfboard industry. Superior SX-Glass has been specifically developed to make lighter, stronger surfboards than ever before.

Below are the key benefits of Shapers Superior SX-GLASS:

  • Up to two times the tensile strength of an E-Glass in a UD Laminate

  • Up to 10% Increased Flexural Strength compared to Industry Standard S-Glass

  • Up to 15% Increased Tensile Strength compared to Industry Standard S-Glass

  • Up to 50% Increased Flexural Strength compared to Industry Standard E-Glass

  • Up to 50% Increased Tensile Strength compared to Industry Standard E-Glass in Fibre to Fibre Comparison

  • Up to 90% Increased Compressive Strength compared to Industry Standard E-Glass

  • Ultimate Impact and Tensile protection due to its ability to absorb load

  • Higher Tensile Strength then Commercial Grade Carbon, Aramid, E-Glass and Industry Standard S-Glass

Expoy Resin

The R110 resin has been especially formulated to give the clearest and whitest boards possible on the market. The R110 uses a custom designed UV Optical brighter and create superior whiteness and the highest levels of UV stability. The resin is significantly brighter in the sun and under shop lights.

The R110 has a high resistance to yellowing and is formulated to prevent the effects of UV and time discoloration. This superior formula will extend the life of a surfboard, as the prevention of yellowing will allow the board to retain its value.

The Superior Strength of the Kinetix Surfboard Epoxy System is constructed to extend the longevity of use and match the need for longer lasting boards. The R110 offers superior strength to conventional epoxy systems on the market, allowing surfers to ride their boards with confidence.


  • Ultra White

  • Mixes and blends with Rein Tints and Pigments

  • Rapid Room Temperature Cure 

  • Bloom-Free Finish 

  • Excellent Adhesion to Polyester Filler Coats 

  • Solvent Free