Our best design elements in one board.

The Elemental is the evolution of our high performance shortboard, designed to capture the best elements of modern shortboard design and to suit a wide range of surfers and conditions. The exposy construction with DuraFlex technology affords the best characterstics of both polyurethane and epoxy constructions.


The board is available in squash tail and round tail. It's recommend to use the squash tail as your standard shortboard and the round tail as a step-up board, ordered 1 - 3" longer than your standard shortboard. The designs between the two are similar so jumping on your step-up for the more critical days doesn't feel too different, allowing familiarity and comfort from your first wave.


The board has more volume under the chest than a stander shortboard of the same length, this allows for better paddling in smaller waves and easier entry into bigger waves. The lighter core construction allows for more volume to be embedded in the board while maintaining the usual weight, flex and durability of a polyurethane board through the embedded DuraFlex technology.

Bottom Contours

Flat and fast. It sounds unusual with all the hype around single to double and all the other bottom contour variants for high performance shortboards, but we've found simple is better for speed and drive - flat and fast. You'll have to trust us on this until you try one.


Based on the evolution of Elemental's tried and tested tail outline, similar to the DHD DNA, the tail design comes as round square to maximise critical surfing or round to hold your line in the pit or for the bigger days. The nose is slightly wider than a standard high-performance, similar to the Pyzel Phantom, allowing for maximum paddle power to ensure you get in to waves easily on the grovel days and and early on the larger days.


The tail rocker is based on the evolution of our high performance tail rocker curve, similar to the JS Monsta Box. The back half of the board is the critical engine room for delivering high-performance surfing. The nose rocker is flattened slightly more than a standard high-performance board for maximum paddle power. It has a slight nose kick to ensure the board works in everything from small full waves to larger steeper waves.