Performance. Innovation. Value.

Our best designs.
The best materials.
Our best value.


After a lifetime of surfing and riding boards from custom shapes to major brands I felt the approach to board pricing, durability, wave adaptability and local sourcing must be able to be improved upon. So I founded Elemental, a Melbourne-based Australian surfboard shaping company.


The result is the Elemental premium epoxy performance shortboard that is the evolution of my personal board designs, using only the best materials that are Australian sourced and incorporates the new DuraFlex technology to improve performance, durability and minimise production costs.


Elemental is about performance, quality, value-for-money and supporting local Australian manufacturing. It’s about using innovation to build better boards and minimise costs. It’s about boards that last longer and fewer boards in the quiver.


Elemental is about surfing not profits.


I hope you enjoy the boards as much as I do.


Ashley Mangano